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Welcome message

Dear All,

Greetings from all of us here at Neurocritical Care Team, at Medanta Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta the Medicity.

There is a common refrain, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. We can tweak it and say, “Human disease and trauma was and still is the precursor of all medical inventions and innovations”
Critical Care is a prime example of such innovation and interventions that took root like a grand old banyan tree, to provide succour to people dying of diseases and trauma. As it is with all human endeavours, the knowledge and understanding of critical ailments and interventions are evolving and expanding. So much so that the grand banyan tree had to sow seeds for creating various haimansaplings. Neurocritical care is one such young and fresh sapling of that banyan tree.

As we delve further into every sulci and gyri of the human brain and travel through the neural highways of the spinal cord, we are made aware of the sheer volume of known and hitherto unknown functions that the brain does and orchestrate, to create that beautiful symphony of a human body in perfect motion. So, when this symphony hits a sudden jarring note, it becomes imperative for us as neurocritical care team, to bring back the orchestra into the right track.

Neurocritical Care is taking a firm root all over the world and also in India. This years’ Medanta Neurocritical Care Conference marks a departure from the previous years’ aims and objectives. This year marks an honest effort to get the “trees” from all over the world together and attempt to create a “garden of trees”, giving shade and succour to those millions suffering from various neurological perturbations- be it medical or surgical.

Our effort is reflected in three main concerted attempts:

  1. Creation of a Neurocritical care society, where all the minds of the world meet, to create a common mindset of taking neurocritical care service to every nook and corner of this vast country and rest of the world.
  2. Meeting of all the expert brains- to create consensus statements and guidelines for managing various components of neurocritical care. You will all appreciate that this subcontinent is woefully lacking in this aspect. I hope this meet will give us a platform to go ahead and address this vital need-foregoing all our differences of opinions.
  3. All talks and no practice is akin to thunder and flashes of lightening without any rain. So this meet will try to bring a shower of hands on workshops with a difference-dealing with some of the most vital components of Neurocritical Care.

I hope I have given enough food for thought for you all, Grand Trees and Saplings of Neurocritical Care, to come together and help us in creating a Garden of Eden in the sphere of neurocritical care.Eagerly waiting, to welcome you all, along with my team.

Best wishes

Dr. Harsh Sapra
Director - Neuroanaesthesia and Neurocritical Care
Organizing Chairman - MNCC 2018
Medanta The Medicity

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